Cigar Review: Kristoff Cameroon in 3 words: Leather, Mild, Rich

I really cannot complain. This was a ridiculously good cigar. The Kristoff Cameroon, first off, is beautifully constructed and just a sexy looking cigar. Cutting into this cigar and taking that first dry draw the flavor was not over powering but had an almost oak barrel taste about it. 

This cigar wrapper features a lovely leaf with stunning veins and color of this light brown cigar looked like a well aged leather bag. The bouquet of this cigar was light and had notes of that oakey barrel flavor.  The overall sight and aroma of this cigar was just pleasant to the senses. 

The flavor of this Kristoff Cameroon got better with time, with a slow burn and fantastic draw. This cigar did not over power me – it relaxed me with each smooth puff and its mild leathery taste.

I would sum up the experience of smoking the Kristoff Cameroon in three words:




Below are my detailed Session Notes, and further down you’ll find a more thorough review of the Kristoff Cameroon cigar.

Session notes cigar review of Kristoff Cameroon

Detailed Review

Kristoff Cameroon is full of leathery notes

I have to be honest this cigar was delicious. In a word “WOW” this cigar had this leathery taste that was surreal. Leather flavor but the smoke was creamy and buttery to the point that I looked forward to the next puff. The simple fact that this cigar had fantastic air flow meant that there was great consistency and uniformity to its flavor. Creamy smoke with a leathery flavor – this is a very good idea, family.

If you like cigars that taste savory and leathery with only a mild spice, you will really like the Kristoff Cameroon.

It is mild, but still interesting

The real cool thing about this cigar was it was mild. I am primarily a Maduro smoker but I rather enjoyed the mild taste and down-to-earth leather flavor of this cigar. This cigar did not bite and it was very smooth. It was not one-dimensional (it had a few mild twists and turns), but it was generally consistent throughout. I would not mind smoking this one again, any time, if I am being completely honest. 

This is an enjoyable, mild and medium-bodied cigar for just about any occasion.

There is also something rich about the Kristoff Cameroon

I would also describe the leathery creamy taste of this cigar as rich, meaning it had an intensity of flavor and textures that I really enjoyed. This cigar had a rich appearance as well, with a lovely light brown wrapper that looked like it should cost $30 or more. A very beautiful cigar. The clouds I was able to draw from this smoke were very full as well which contributed to the rich nature of the experience of this cigar. 

The Kristoff Cameroon is mild, yes, but it also has these beautiful moments of intense flavor and creamy rich textures.

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