Cigar Review: Guzman Madera’s Outlier Emotion in 3 words: Easy-going, Toasty & Creamy

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Cigars are in the Dominican puro DNA of Franklin Ramon Guzman Madera, founder of Guzman Madera Cigars, an up-and-coming boutique cigar company based in North Carolina.

Born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Brooklyn New York, Franklin’s family has deep roots in the tobacco industry. He proudly shares the surname of Saint Dominic de Guzman, founding father of the Order of the Dominicans and namesake of the capital city, Santo Domingo de Guzman.

Guzman Madera Emotion Cigar
That is Franklin’s bust on the band!

During his college years, Franklin decided to return to the Dominican Republic to reconnect with his ancestral homeland and study mathematics and physical sciences at Instituto Platon. These formative years helped inspire the distinct branding of Guzman Madera Cigars.

Their flagship line of Outlier Cigars borrows heavily on Plato (yes, that Plato) of all things, channeling the idea that human behavior is driven by three main things: desire, emotion, and knowledge. Well it seems to be working, because after smoking their Outlier Emotion and gaining knowledge about Franklin and his family’s history, I can’t help but desire more of his cigars!

The Outlier Emotion comes in two vitolas, the 6×54 Toro or 6×52 Torpedo, and has an attractive gold and black band with a silhouette of Franklin’s face (which he jokingly says is the only ugly part of his cigars). All cigars in the Outlier line (Knowledge, Emotion, and Desire) are made in the Dominican Republic with Dominican Binder and Filler.

Emotion Cigar Review

I smoked the Emotion Torpedo which has a San Andres (Mexico) maduro wrapper with a light chocolate color, tight seams and minimal veins. The aroma of the wrapper was sweet tobacco with a touch of remnant dirt and earthiness. The dry draw was perfect – loose and effortless – with subtle flavors of sawdust and sweet tobacco.

A very nice looking cigar, but nothing to write home about…yet.

This cigar is easy-going and definitely chill-worthy

Easy-going is perhaps not the most descriptive term for a premium cigar, but there are so many ways in which the Outlier Emotion Torpedo was just chill.

First of all, this stick had such an easy draw and burn all the way through. I didn’t have to touch it up in any way. It’s nice to have a smoke you can just set and forget, knowing that it will just do its job with a tight and even burn.

This cigar was also easy-going in strength. It was a mild smoke that didn’t make me sweat at all and only maybe reached a medium strength at the final quarter. The smoke I drew in was also smooth and creamy with very little harshness or bitterness.

All around this cigar did not make me sweat, stress or grimace, which makes it an ideal smoke for a relaxing, kick-back session any time of the day.

The Outlier Emotion is full of toasty-goodness

I should say that upon first light (and lasting through the entire length of the stick), there was a persistent cayenne pepper spice that was never overpowering, but served as a backbone for the many other flavors that came and went through various transitions in the blend.

An immediate flavor I got was actually dry wood and pistachio with a short, savory finish reminiscent of eating a can of mixed nuts. The middle third of the stick presented a well-balanced (and more intense) combo of cedar, toasted bread and roasted nuts.

By the halfway point it also had a much longer finish tasting of burnt toast with a slight char bitterness. The final third was much like the middle third with perhaps a slight increase in strength, flavor intensity and smoke density.

This is a sophisticated and uncommon blend that lacks the pungent earthiness and exotic spices of other top-shelf cigars, but makes up for it with an artful bouquet of savory, buttery, bready, and nutty notes.

All the while (especially on the retrohale), a tingling spice broke through every once in a while to remind me that the cayenne and black pepper were indeed still there.

The smoke from this cigar is creamy AF

There is just something rich and decadent about creamy desserts, and creamy cigars. The Guzman Madera Outlier Emotion is an exceptionally creamy cigar. It is difficult to describe the experience of creamy cigar smoke, but it is just one of those things that you know it when you taste it.

Not at first, but after about 15 minutes the smoke became dense, smooth and buttery. As described earlier, this creaminess was infused with rich flavors of wood, bread, and roasted nuts which can only be summed up as a surprising and delightful experience.

Outlier Emotion Cigar Review

Unique as well, because I am hard pressed to think of another cigar that matches this exact flavor profile. Outlier, indeed.

I honestly didn’t know what to expect out of this cigar. Being such a new brand on the cigar scene, there was not a lot of information or reviews out there to bias my opinion one way or another going into the session.

I really had no choice but to just sit back and let the tobacco do the talking.

And talk it did! I was pleased by the complexity of rich flavors lacing the thick, creamy smoke. I was relaxed by the bountiful draws and symmetrical burn all the way through. I was amused each time the pepper came back to bite me after I thought it had expired.

I am not sure whether pleasure, relaxation and amusement are considered true emotions, but it really doesn’t matter because Guzman Madera’s Outlier Emotion speaks for itself. It says “I’m serious, and I’m here to stay”.

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