Cigar Review: Gurkha Spec Ops Churchill in 3 words – Bold, Beautiful, Distinct

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Gurkha has referred to themselves as the “Rolls-Royce of cigars” and with this SPEC OPS maduro churchill you can easily see why. This cigar, even before lighting it, is just beautiful by design. I really appreciate the vintage look of this cigar – the leaf that wraps this cigar is a stunning aged-brown with a few substantial veins that has an appearance of antique paper.

The Gurkha Spec Ops is a limited edition stick with Connecticut broadleaf wrapper, Nicaraguan binder and Dominican long fillers. If you buy a box of these sticks, they will be set in a black ballistic box and even come with a dope tactical knife.

This box is sick, right!? Photo credit

I got this Gurkha Spec Ops maduro churchill cigar from my homey Steve, and decided to smoke it alone so I could focus on savoring the flavors and taking notes. I would sum up the experience of smoking this cigar in three words:




Below are my detailed Session Notes, and further down you’ll find a more thorough review of the Gurkha Spec Ops.

Session Notes for Gurkha Spec Ops cigar

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Detailed Review

Like a latte, the Spec Ops is rich and creamy

On first puff the taste of the creamy textured smoke put out by the Spec Ops was leathery, oaky, spicy and substantial. These flavors were very pronounced and pretty much in your face the whole time, with occasional hints of coffee and chocolate. This cigar in, other words, was BOLD. For me the savory leather flavor really stuck out and made for the perfect smoke for a bourbon or whisky. I will go out on a limb and say that the creamy texture of the smoke was actually my favorite part.

The Gurkha Spec Ops was an in-your-face experience of savory flavors and textures.

This is one attractive cigar ya’ll

What I can say about Gurkha is that this is brand is close to my heart. Some of my most beloved cigars over time have been from this brand, and I always gravitate toward the elaborate gold-embossed bands with that familiar mustachioed Nepalese soldier. This cigar in particular looked aged and refined, with a wrap that screams, “look at me.” This gorgeous-looking cigar was very well constructed and beautiful to me in so many ways.

Gurkha has some of my favorite bands, but the beauty of this cigar was also in the lovely construction and wrap that really caught my attention.

For me the Spec Ops delivered a unique flavor profile

Now, the flavor of this cigar is distinct to say the least, because I can’t recall having a stick quite like it. The leathery and oaky nature of the smoke was distinct. And with each puff of this cigar came more leathery and oaky goodness with hints of pepper, chocolate and coffee bean coming in and out. This cigar was really created for the whisky drinker in all of us, and would pair well with any American or Rye Bourbon. They should rename this cigar the distinct, because the flavors are in a class of their own.

Gurkha has been my own go-to brand for a while now, and the spec ops may be one of the finest and most distinct for my palate yet.

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