Cigar Review: Fuente Fuente OpusX Belicoso in 3 words – rich, smooth, perfecto

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I have been dying to get my hands on one of these Fuente Fuente OpusX cigars for a while now, but never seemed to manage it until this week. And I am so glad I did.

This masterpiece is crafted by Arturo Fuentes wholly from shade grown Dominican leaves. Superfans call this rare cigar “triple X”, or sometimes “power ranger”, but I just call it a damn fine cigar. A damn fine cigar, indeed, that I found to be worth every penny ($30 at a local cigar shop).

I smoked this alone on my patio on a musty evening after the rain finally let up. I would sum up the experience of smoking the OpusX in three words:




Below are my detailed Session Notes, and further down you’ll find a more thorough review of the Fuente Fuente OpusX.

Session notes for Fuente Fuente OpusX Belicoso cigar

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Detailed Review

OpusX is the embodiment of richness

Richness embodies the Fuente Fuente OpusX in so many different ways it is hard to count them all. It is rich because I felt privileged just holding this perfectly constructed masterpiece between my thumb and index fingers. Rich because there was such depth and complexity in the smoke that there were actually two extremely different flavor profiles rolled up in one cigar. Rich because the draw and burn were absolute perfection throughout. Rich because this baby is pretty rare and can be hard to track down. Rich because I honestly don’t usually spend $30 on a single cigar.

The OpusX is rich because, ultimately, that is how it made me feel to smoke it.

It is velvety smooth from head to foot

The best cigars, to me, are never (ever) harsh or ashy tasting. I am happy to report that the Fuente Fuente OpusX gives you a smooth ride from start to finish, with an intense bouquet of earthy organic flavors balanced out by hazelnut, cacao and fine leather. The beautiful thing about the OpusX was the stark contrast of the retrohale (where you gently push air through the nasal cavity on the exhale) and the “French inhale” (where a portion of smoke is inhaled again from the smoke being exhaled through the mouth). This graphic might be useful.

Line drawing showing how to draw, retrohale, french inhale

There’s no wrong way to smoke a cigar. Just do what you enjoy.

The retrohale evolved substantially over time. The foot was full of mild earthy flavors that only grew in intensity through the body. The peak of the body was almost like breathing wasabi in a springtime meadow. It was pretty wild, to be honest. But the beauty of this cigar was that the draw (and french inhale, which I do every 3-4 puffs) was so smooth with hazelnut, leather and cacao bean notes to balance out the earthiness. Amazingly, toward the end of the cigar all of these flavors began to mesh into a very delicious and savory bouquet that I can best describe as eating mint chocolate chip ice cream from a fresh waffle cone.

The Fuente Fuente OpusX was impressively smooth from start to finish and delivered a roller coaster of aromas and flavors that was such a pleasurable ride.

In my humble opinion, the OpusX is a perfect cigar

It is hard for me to find anything below average about this cigar. In fact, it’s hard for me to find anything less than stellar about the OpusX. The look and feel is gorgeous and the construction is high class – I mean, this thing was rigid and sturdy to hold with tight wrapping but it still had an effortless draw from start to finish. The flavor profile was very complex, as I already described above, and it really was right up my alley. Without reservation, I love this cigar and would pony up $30 again in a heartbeat to share an amazing smoke with a special person on a very special occasion in the future.

The OpusX gave me one of the finest and cigar experience I’ve ever had. It may not be perfect, but it is damn close to perfection in my book.

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Steven Thurman

Steven is a father of 3, a scientist by profession, and a cigar enthusiast by hobby. His first cigar was (regrettably) from a gas station at age 18, but his palate has grown over the years to appreciate the sophistication and crafted experience of premium cigars.

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I am currently sitting on a 2005 OpusX that was cigar of the year that year. My friends and I each bought 2 when we were overseas on a military deployment in 06 and we all enjoyed one then. I hope that when I finally decide to smoke it that I get to experience what you described just now.

That’s awesome Tran, and thanks for the comment. I’m jealous!! Let me know how it tastes with age. That is a real treasure you got there.

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