Cigar Review: Drew Estate Isla del Sol in 3 words – Sweet, Subtle, Everyday

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What can I say about one of my favorite cigars? The Isla del Sol by Drew Estate takes me back to my college days in my favorite lounge. This cigar is gorgeous and the maduro with its dark brown, almost black, wrap is stunning to the eye. Upon the first smell of this stick it has sweet and chocolaty aroma but it is not very loud. This cigar is just beautiful to me. And it is part of the reason I was drawn into cigars in the first place.

The main attraction of the Isla del Sol, for me, is its chocolaty flavor, which does not take away from its potent, natural earthiness. In my experience, this is a pretty distinct feature of the Isla and is one of the reasons I keep coming back for more (the others being nostalgia and price point). This is technically an infused cigar, infused with Sumatran Mandheling Bean Coffee and a sweetened cap. The rich coffee flavors are actually subtle and complement the naturally sweet Nicaraguan tobacco very nicely. (The price for this cigar is very reasonable too, only $7 and a deal in my book).

In other words the flavors complement each other like a pair of Tims complements a bomber jacket in the winter time. Do y’all dig what I am preaching? Anyhow, I would sum up the experience of the Isla del Sol in three words:




Below are my detailed Session Notes, and further down you’ll find a more thorough review of Drew Estate Isla del Sol.

Drew Estate Isla Del Sol cigar review notes

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Detailed Review

A sweetness runs through it

The vintage look of the wrapper on the Isla is just eye catching. Its like seeking a Ferrari – you know it when you see it. To me, this cigar has sex appeal. The flavors of this cigar are also pretty stunning, considering how affordable they are.

The Isla del Sol is consistently sweet, not like candy though. The sweet nature of this smoke has to do with the fact that the Nicaraguan tobacco they chose to blend in here is naturally sweet, paired with a coffee bean infusion that comes off more as chocolate to my palate. It’s a delightful taste that I never forget.

The Isla del Sol is not overly sweet, but sweet it is from start to finish.

Sweet, but subtle

Now, as previously mentioned before this cigar is sweet and chocolaty. Here is something more surprising – it is also very subtle. The chocolate and coffee notes are always there, but this cigar is not like smoking a chocolate bar. It is subtle and well balanced by earthy tobacco flavors. It would pair well with any fine whiskey that I have in my cabinet.

The Isla packs a punch of flavor, but the sweet chocolate and coffee essence of the cigar is both prominent and subtle.

This is my go-to, everyday smoke

This smoke goes back a long ways for me and I think we all have one of those cigars. The Isla del Sol is one of my favorite cigars because it got me interested and hooked in the first place. It is smooth and sweet and delicious, and because it is pretty affordable, it’s also an everyday kind of smoke for me. I mean, I don’t smoke an Isla everyday but the point is I would – and I would be happy doing it. Like my boy Lenny Kravitz, it just never seems to get old.

The Isla may not be the perfect cigar for everyone, but all-in-all, it is sentimental and pretty close to perfection for me.

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Cigar Review: Drew Estate Isla del Sol in 3 words - Sweet, Subtle, Everyday
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