Why TheHumidor.com is a solid choice for the casual cigar smoker

Hey #CigarFam, I want to talk to you real quick about a cool service provided by thehumidor.com that we think is perfectly tailored for the beginning or casual cigar smoker with a busy life and a tight schedule.

Long story short is that you can order custom bundles of cigars that fit your individual style, and they will send you a choice selection of premium cigars chosen by their in-house experts.

They sent us a complimentary “care package” for review and the proof is in the pudding – they sent an amazing three-cigar bundle that included a fricken Liga Privada T52 (one of our all-time favorite cigars), Cigar Aficionado’s 2018 cigar of the year, the E.P. Carillo Encore Majestic, and Caldwell Cigar Co. and Drew Estate All Out Kings Give Me Your Lunch Money (which is made with the same oily wrapper as the Liga!). They also sent them in this sturdy humidor bag that can be re-used to transport/store your sticks for a while, too.

Humidor Bag from TheHumidor.com
Your sticks are carefully shipped in this humidor bag.

Needless to say, we were impressed by this fine selection and decided to give The Humidor a closer look. On their website, they have a rather small selection of specially chosen cigar singles and boxes, as well as a few different types of cigar accessories. I’m sure you won’t go wrong ordering from their curated collection.

But what interested us the most are the unique cigar bundles that each include six carefully chosen cigars (for a pretty fair price) that will give you a decent sampling of some of the finest and most popular cigars out there. At last look, for example, they have:

  • The Bourbon Drinker’s Bundle
  • The Mild, Medium and Bold Bundles
  • The Golfer Bundle
  • The Coffee Drinker Bundle
  • The Scotch Drinker’s Bundle
  • and quite a few more!

One of the bundles I liked the most was the Stout Bundle (because I tend to like dark full-bodied cigars), which costs less than 50 bucks and you get this fine list of cigars to sample:

  • La Galera Maduro Toro/20
  • Arturo Fuente Double Chateau Maduro
  • Gurkha Ghost Phantom
  • My Father Le Bijou 1922 boxpressed torpedo
  • Rocky Patel 1990 Vintage Toro
  • Liga Undercrown Shade Gran Toro

Their website says that orders over $75 get FREE shipping, and you can join their Humidor Club to earn points and get special discounts on your order. I plan to give the Stout bundle a try, and if you are new to the cigar game and want to try a sample of great cigars without having to think much about it, then you should check it out too.

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